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Electric Horseman

Electric Horseman
June 2, 2018 sbrass

Electric Horseman

Flat Track Racing and Lifestyle

blog by Michael Lawless

Henry and Me.

I thought I was all set for the half-mile in York, Pennsylvania.

But, my bike wouldn’t fire after first practice.  I ran, I bumped and prayed, but no luck.  We traced it to a failed ignition coil.
No spare to be had so my day was done.  Disappointed was an understatement.  Flat trackers don’t cry-right?
I was thinking about just heading home.  Why not stay and watch the races?  Lots of Pennsylvania Posse fast guys
there like Jared Mees & Jake Shoemaker.  Someone said Henry Wiles was here too but they said he only wins TT’s.
Well, they must have forgotten to tell Wiles.



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