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Harley drops the XR750

Harley drops the XR750
January 27, 2017 sbrass

Harley Davidson factory team goes all in on the new Harley XG 750R!

Well, it had to happen one day and it’s a brave move, but Harley have announced this week that the factory team will exclusively run the liquid-cooled XG750R . In the 2016 season they ran Baker on the XR750 and Fisher on the XG.

After the bombshell announcement, last September, that Indian had snaffled up Bryan Smith, Jared Mees and Brad Baker to race their FTR750, H-D were on the back foot. They’ve taken a long time to announce their team, but will make the official announcement this weekend at the X Games (which they sponsor, chasing some millennial $$$). 



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